Below you will find a list of the seed blends that we always have in stock. We also want to let you know that we do custom seed blending as well. So if you dont see what you need or you are used to using, Contact us and we will be there to help.


1) 50/50   - This is a premium blue and rye grass mixture Meant for well maintained turf.

2) Sports Turf - An excellent choice for spring seeding or fall renovation, Also a popular sports field mix

3) Apgar 60/40 - With 60% turf type tall fescue this mix supports ball fields with lots of play and little irrigation.

4) Grid Iron Mix - This mixture is a blend of turf type tall fescues rye and blue grasses for extra durability and deep color

5) Fairfield Sun & Shade - Our most popular mix due to its ability to handle sun and shade and quick germination.

6) Empire Estate Mix- A premium sun and light shade mix. Great for fall renovation or overseeding.

7) Apgar Shade Mix - A strong shade seed tredous durablity and deep color.

8) Dense Shade Mix - If you are having problems growing grass in the shade this special mix can handle those deep shade issues.

9) Trifecta - This triple perennial rye grass mix is among the best. Strong color and disease resitant.

10) Contractors Mix - A combination of annuals and perennials to get the grass up quick and give it some sustanability long after the job is done.

11) Wildflower - If you are looking to create a wildflower garden or a meadow for your clients we have two mixes just for you. When mixed together you get the annuals to come up right away and the perennials to help keep the job looking beautiful for years to come.